Will it take less than 2 minutes?

Sometimes it is just impossible to maintain focus on what you are doing. There are so many interruptions. There is a lot of value in creating a work space that gives you some seclusion, some privacy in which to concentrate.

But, anyone working in an office will know this isn’t always possible. Unless you have an office door you can close, and your colleagues treat it as such, you’re out of luck.

So, how do you decide which interruptions to allow, and which to park for later? You can use a simple 2-minute rule. If it will take less than 2 minutes, do it now. If it will take longer, make a note and do it later.

It’s not ideal, but this rule has helped me maintain some level of concentration in the office. And it works even better if everyone knows about it.

Keep in mind, just because it’s their priority, doesn’t make it yours.

The Perfect Day interruptions
Image by https://unsplash.com/@nickkarvounis

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