3 Simple tips to make technology work FOR you

Everyone is saying LESS technology. LESS screen time. LESS smartphones, tablets and laptops. That’s 100% right, BUT!

Here are 3 simple tips to make that screen time and tech work to your advantage.

  • Change your tablet and laptop lock screen backgrounds and wallpaper. Just looking at a beautiful photo of nature will improve your mood, soothe your mind and remind you of the beauty outside your office. Just think about it, you look at that image hundreds of times a day or week. Make it count. Here’s my current lock screen and background on my laptop:

The Perfect Day laptop wallpaper

  • Download the “Momentum” Chrome Extension and set it as your ‘new tab background’. Every time you open a new tab on Google Chrome you will get a beautiful photo and a friendly, personalized greeting:

The Perfect Day momentum background

  • Change the background on your phone to an image that reminds you to breathe. Every time you look at it, take half a second to take a deep breath. It prompts you to be mindful of the moment and helps you to relax. Here’s the image I have on my phone:

The Perfect Day breathe

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