Uninterrupted sleep

That’s a difficult one.

8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep solicits all kinds of comments when I tell people. Its the first item on my Perfect Day. And it sets up the entire day for me. Any day where I am at my best is founded on a good nights sleep.

People say “how on earth do you get that much sleep with 2 kids?”

They say, “that sounds like paradise, I wish I could do it”

They say, “successful people work hard and sleep less”

Set it up

Sleep hasn’t received the attention it deserves. Only recently high profile figures such as Arianna Huffington started to espouse the value of sleep. You need to plan for it. You need to add it to your Perfect Day.

It requires rituals just like any other valuable part of life.

The Perfect Day sleep
Image by https://unsplash.com/@jwwhitt

My ritual includes the following steps:

  • Learning over time how to discern whether Im tired, sleepy or exhausted
  • Reducing any screen time to as little as possible and using ‘night shift’ on all my devices which reduces the blue light spectrum and increases the red light spectrum
  • Clearing my mind by focusing on the most important task scheduled for tomorrow. Instructing your subconscious (article, quote)
  • Following the same sequence when I go to bed. Currently I’m using an amazing app called Pzizz. It’s helped me to create a routine for sleep which includes quieting down my wandering mind
  • Trying to stick to waking times that fit into the 90 minute sleep cycle
  • Waking at the same time each morning, and not hitting the snooze button (I’ve removed the option so I can’t even if I wanted to)

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