How I reclaimed 6 hours from my weekend

I create more value by writing. I get more entertainment watching TV and reading. So if the choice is to do something entertaining, rather than something valuable, it’s better to choose the former.

So I tracked the amount of time I spent every weekend watching TV and reading. More than 6 hours, every weekend.

That’s a lot of high value time to get back.You can do the same.

How to get back high value hours?

First, attach a high value to your time. A really high value. $1000 an hour or more. Now, if you were to spend $1000 an hour on something you would make sure it’s worth it.

Start small, reclaiming an hour or two every weekend. Spend it on your Perfect Day: Actions. Remember the most difficult part is always just to get started. But you have an advantage now, you have your Perfect Day to guide you.

Your mind plays tricks on you

in your mind you will probably immediately start listing all the difficult and complicated details of what you want to do and within seconds you decide to postpone.

You must realize that’s what is happening and make a conscious choice to start. Take a second to identify what your mind is doing and make a decision to ignore it.

How it works?

I scheduled time to write. Almost immediately I created an almost impossible scenario in my head. A long list of things I had to do first, before I could write a single word. But I knew that would happen. I expected it. So I grab a piece of paper and wrote “I will write 500 words today”.

I sat down and wrote. 500 words.

Since that day, I’ve done the same almost every day. It was tough at first, and some days it still is. Some days I just can’t get past that voice in my head. But even so, my writing output has quadrupled over the last few months.

4 times the output at $1000 an hour is a good investment in my book.

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